donderdag 6 mei 2010

The Road To Poland

So there we are in Poland... we were warned that the roads in Poland can be pretty bad. I should have noticed since we always drive at night to the next place. So last night I guess we drove to Poland but I didn't notice anything :) Maybe because I was with Neal and Rich till very late while they were singing songs with Neal on his new baby guitar he bought for like 30 euro. Perfect for on the road!

This morning I was woken by Collin saying: “I need you downstairs, now!” So after realizing where, who and why I was I put on some clothes (Mirjam please dont think they were the same ones I wore last day) who just happened to be near my bed and rushed downstairs, got out of the bus and stepped into Poland. And, as you can expect, a dozen Polish people stared at me, and at my crazy hair. Hopefully the 'just-out-of-bed-look' has just gained popularity in Poland.

After loading out all the merch and setting up with Todd, Max and Sebastian (Roine's son) we had a very good dinner. They had some pasta with spinach and something like french cheese (brie) which I am now officially fan of, haha, do they sell t-shirts with that on it?

When the doors opened our merch booth was crowded straight away and it's funny to see the difference between German and Polish people... Polish people wait for their turn, speak a little or no English and are really really direct. It's so funny because compared to Americans we Dutch dudes are very direct but luckily Polish people are worse, haha, but I love it. Where in the states I would say (would cause I didn't go, aargh!) “hello, how can I help you?” but here I just nod my head or say: “WHAT?” and they tell me: “eh, t-shirt!” so I ask: “Which one?” and they point it out. Very masculine and very effective haha

So I'm typing during the first half of the concert again and it's almost over so I better organize my table and Zloty (Polish money)... I'll be back!

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