zondag 9 mei 2010

Eau de Cologne

So with all merch set at my beatiful booth in Cologne it's time for me to get back to writing a blog.

We arrived in Berlin yesterday morning to find out the Columbia Club is actually very small... so small that Collin decided that Mike should have his kit in the normal fashion (kick drum facing the audience). Mike didn't really like this so in the intermission (after a fabulous version of The Whirlwind) the crew changed it all back to the 'normal' Transatlantic setup which is with the drumkit right at the front with Mike's left side facing the audience (ah well, check the pictures)...

The funny thing with doing the same show over and over is that even I can make the same jokes over and over again... like when people ask me if they can buy something after the concert I say: "yes or during the break, after the first song" real fans will understand, lol, others don't really get it, but wel... they will...

(break because the doors in Cologne open and people are running to the stage to get their position right in front of Neal, Mike or Roine... Most of them have been waiting for hours and hours already, now they'll stand here for more than 3 hours listening to the world's best prog.

I just met a lot of friends here, it's awesome. Javier from Spain, which I will meet in his hometown was here so I left my business just to give him a hug, he's such a nice guy, just out of this world! And some friends from Germany and Holland. It's kind of a mix between Dutch and German fans here since Cologne is just 2 hours from the Dutch border.

I just remembered this moving story Daniel Gildenlow told me when we were driving to Berlin (somewhere around 2.00 or 3.00 in the middle of the night we tend to meet in the tour bus, lol). Anyway he said when he walked out of the venue to the tourbus in Poland a girl followed him and held a small speech in Swedish. Actually she learned Swedish for two years just to be able to thank him for his music. Which saved her life, she said. I guess by listening to Pain of Salvation (Daniel's band) she didn't commit suicide. Daniel was very touched by it but he just didn't know what to answer her... which I can completely understand, what should you say? "wow, eh thank you, I guess" anyway that's just another story to show how powerful music can be to some people.

May 9
I just got at the last venue of our tour in Germany: Longhorn in Stuttgart. We were greeted by some happy guys from the venue who waved around beer and yelled: Zaufen! Which means like 'to drink a little more than one should'. My translation proved right as one of the guys who planned to clean the stairs or something fell down them (they only had 5 steps) and lost all his cleaning water. "I am wet. I go take shower" were his eloquent words. Anyway I got behind my laptop and just wanted to report my shortest night of this tour: I went to bed at 6 am and slept till 9.30 am. And I even feel rested haha. Daniel, Rich, Jerry and me watched Fight Club which we started around 3 I guess but it lasted forever man! That movie takes long. But we were bound to Fight Club rule 1: You never quit before the end. So we didn't...

Ok I gotta go set up my merch booth :)


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  1. Eau de Cologne, haha leuke titel, was in Keulen en sommige Duitsers konden echt wel wat Eau de Cologne gebruiken.

    Typ dit in het Nederlands met de hoop dat er geen Duitser is die dit kan lezen.

    Zie je in Tilburg, kom ik ook even wat in je stand kopen.

  2. Jaa, ik heb je site gevonden! Je schrijft leuk Ruben. Enjoy!
    Groetjes, ook van manlief, Martha