woensdag 5 mei 2010

Beat the street

Well I finally have some time off! Hurrah... I'm sitting in Hamburg in the 'Markthalle' a pretty nice venue which can hold like 1200 people and it seems its almost sold out, which you can clearly experience by the temperature! Man these Germans are steaming haha...

Sales go really well and as expected we sell a lot of orange shirts. Which, especially today, makes me really proud because it's liberation day in Holland. Then we all wear orange as a reference to our royal family which family name is 'van Oranje'. Anyway, my job is to sell so that's what I'm doing :)

Life on the road is just great. I love the dynamic of it... one moment you're folding t-shirts in the sun, one moment you're trying to figure out exactly what food the venue has provided (today there was the best Broccoli and Pees I have ever had! No, seriously how do they do that... I mean after all it's still vegetables... anyway) and one other moment you get caught in your underwear by Mike Portnoy while you're trying to sqeeze yourself in your tiny bed, which is at floor level: "haha fancy seeing you in your underwear". I didn't tell him it was actually a very trendy Zeeman boxer I got from my girlfriend! I also didn't tell him she once gave me a sleeve for my pillow (how in the world should I know the english term for that?) with a romantic poem and pink hearts... (hey it's all I got to remember her)... naaa! I won't tell anybody.

Well the first part of the concert is nearly over and during the break people are dying to get a Transatlantic shirt or cd so I better be ready!

stay classy! (anchorman reference ;)


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  1. Cool! Mooi verhaal, je klinkt enthousiast. Hier op de Nettel is alles prima. Vincent is prima huisgenoot :).

    Ik zet op @denettel-twitter als je weer blogt, dan kan iedereen in NL meeleven!