zaterdag 15 mei 2010

Mission from Fett

During the recording sessions for The Whirlwind the guys from the band wrote a theme that they called Boba Fett because it reminded Mike of a sort of star wars tune. Since then he's been trying to get the theme on the album, but they never found a good spot for it. So now during the live tour they found a place near the end of The Whirlwind (at the end of Is It Really Happening) where they could give Boba Fett his place. I shot some nice footage of the band discussing where they should put it and playing it. That might end up on the live dvd I hope :)

I know Mike had a Ringo Starr figure on his drumkit last tour so I 'figured' that we should buy one as a surprise for Mike. When Todd, Sebastian and me had some time off in Barcelona (yesterday) we found a store with lots of Spawn miniatures so I asked if they had a Boba Fett. And guess what? They had a Bubble Head Boba Fett! It looks very funny with its over sized head and it is really perfect. As you can imagine Mike was very happy with it and he points happily to his Boba every time the theme gets played.

Barcelona was wonderful by the way. I went with Todd, Roine, Sebastian and Daniel and we had lots of fun in the beautiful centre, walking on Las Ramblas towards the harbor. I have to come back there!

Now the show is on in Lyon, and it's just too quiet at the merch booth... yesterday in Barcelona we sold lots of orange shirts again so now we are kind of out of those things! :( I had some phone calls with the printer but it's such a colorful design that they need the big printing machine for it and that thing broke down so they have delays and cannot get me the shirts before Tilburg... but I need those shirts there in large quantities! Dutch people love orange, especially this summer with the soccer championships. But well, they'll have to buy black I guess...

tomorrow we have a day off in Milan, where we get to a nice hotel. We check in in the morning so we have one more night in the bus and then a comfy hotel bed :)

4 opmerkingen:

  1. Ha Ruben,
    Leuk om je te volgen via je blog! Wat zul je genieten. Mirjan telt de nachtjes af en ook wij zien er naar uit je verhalen te horen volgende week!
    Liefs, Bram en Gerrie

  2. hey Ruben, get me an Orange shirt for the Paris show!!!!

  3. Ruben,
    Volgens Mike worden er in Tilburg TV opnames worden gemaakt. Weet jij waar dit voor is?

    Kan niet wachten tot donderdag.....

  4. I'm really jealous of you guys while I have to go to work teaching! See you in Manchester. Don't be lazy after the DVD London gig!