maandag 10 mei 2010

Hebrews weren't crazy!

Well I gotta say the 6 day workweek is a great idea. We've been on tour non-stop for 7 days and suddenly the entire crew is wasted today! Pff, I'm not really tired but just the incarnation of ineffectiveness. Despite all that the band is now playing The Whirlwind in the ROCKHALL in Luxembourg... it's like a small Heineken Music Hall in Luxembourg. Really really good sound and a very professional and nice venue.

Funny that people here speak like 4 languages: English, German, French and some say Luxembourgish... so I'm really practicing my European languages. Although when I suddenly say 25 in French to a French speaking person (I bet you are saying vingt cinq in your head now ;) they are confused... probably because of my sheer diversity, lol!

Tonight we're driving from Luxembourg to Madrid, Spain in one drive! We use three professional drivers who take shifts and drive us there in 22 hours. So tomorrow night I'll sleep in a nice hotel(!) in Madrid. Too bad my girl friend won't be there :( For the long drive Sebastian and me are already preparing a tight schedule of movies and Family Guy episodes to watch. This is gonna be fun!

More and more people come up to me and say: "Are you Ruben? I am following your blog!" Which is really cool! I'm glad you all read this! Actually all of you are reading this, that's a nice score ;)

A Dios!

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  1. Hey Ruup!

    Leuk om je stukjes te lezen. Zonet documentaire over 20 jaar DT (op Score DVD) gekeken, ben benieuwd naar jou back-stage filmmateriaal!