woensdag 21 april 2010

Well... that's it!

The first flight I can get leaves this friday, which means I could theoretically still attend the show in Philadelphia but that too much effort just for one show... And my dear friend Todd Morell is managing the merch, so I don't even need to ;)

So with pain in my heart I say good luck to the guys in the US who just rocked their socks off in Chicago! Looking forward to their reports...

Thank God I can still join for the European tour!

Sorry for not posting anything interesting, but that will come soon! :)

vrijdag 16 april 2010

A Little Vulcano

I should have been getting ready to board my plance to LA right now, but both my flights (to London, Heathrow and to LA) have been cancelled due to the vulcanic ash cloud from Iceland... like we didn't have enough trouble from Iceland... goodness, this is really horrible and stressfull... I have no clue what to do else than pray and wait...

I'm just hoping I can get  flight tomorrow so I don't miss the first concert in Downey, CA.

Thanks for reading, keeping you updated!

donderdag 1 april 2010

USA Visa

I'm getting my Visa today. It's quite a big deal to get one. I'll be getting an interview where I need to be able to show tons of documents about my work, financial situation, tour schedule etc. etc.

Hope it works out!


edit: everything went ok, still quite some people get to the American Consulate ill prepared, but not Collin and me... haha too much at stake!