maandag 4 maart 2013

Stairway to heaven / Stairs from hell

Milan was a great concert. We tried to see something from the area but we were not even close to the city. Lets say we felt a bit Ryanaired.

So no sightseeing for us. Both bands played a great gig though. I had all the time to watch the gig because for some reason selling merch there was not an option (for me, their Live Nation ppl had to do it). Also we didnt sell any cd's because they told us we had to buy a 1€ sticker per cd and all other kinds of weird things. A bit lame but well... I had some time off. We had to pack everything directly after the gig because we had a long drive to Barcelona to make.

After a long drive flanked by the mediterranean sea we arrived in Barcelona. Too late to be able to use the elevator of the venue. So we hurried with all our stuff up the 1001 stairs :( pfff

The Barcelona audience was great and my friend Jose was there. It's always nice to meet friends so far from home.

After the gig we had to get out fast because there was a disco in the same hall (hall 2 of The Razzmatazz). Quite exhausted we continued to Madrid.

Now the sun started to shine and we had some walka around the block where the venue (Sala But) was. To the Starbucks and back for example haha.

The Madrid venue (despite more stairs without elevator) was great and the gig was maybe the best until now. At the end of the set both the Flower Kings and the Neal Morse band join on stage for a Transatlantic song and that is just beautiful! Very emotional. Fans were going crazy from the front all the way to the back where my merch stand was. Just an awesome experience!

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